Fairy On The Fly Gaynor Meilke

Fairy On The Fly: Light Your Wings is an inspirational novel for readers ages 6 to 12 and beyond who love fairy adventures!

Every Humankind has a fairy to light their way, but only the fairies know when it’s Time to find you...

One day Twinkle is a tiny fairy, growing her wings in her First Place, the Royal Rose Gardens of Great Britain, and the next she discovers that her Time has come to be On The Fly—a one-of-a-kind journey that will make her a full-fledged fairy, shining her light for one special Humankind in her True Place.

With only her wayfinding wings to help her, it’s up to Twinkle to find the strength and spirit to complete her journey and find the Humankind who is in need of the magic only she can create.

If you want to become an official Fairy Whisperer, you hold in your hands the key to entering the fairy realm and discovering how a fierce spirit, an open heart and unwavering belief in your own unique magic is all you need to navigate any of the twists and turns that lie ahead of you!

But remember...anything that you learn while you are On the Fly is part of the Fairy Code, and must be kept in your heart forever!

Get your copy today and let the magic begin!