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Fairy On The Fly Book

Hi, welcome to Fairy On The Fly!

My name is Gaynor Meilke, otherwise known as Mrs. M, the creator of Fairy On The Fly. Of course, I didn't really "create" the stories, they were told to me by the fairies that live all around us!

A lifelong fairy whisperer, book lover and writer, I started telling the tales of Twinkle and the other fairies I knew to my daughter (that's us below). Soon, we had a whole world full of fairy fun to share which became the genesis of our first book, Fairy On The Fly: Light Your Wings. You can check it out here. We have lots more fairy stories to come in the future!

In the meantime, take some time to look at the trinkets and treasures in our online shop. Then unplug, relax with a great read and enjoy the quiet space where you can explore the world of your own fairy friends.

Mrs. M