Welcome Fairy Whisperers!

The book Fairy On The Fly is is about having faith, believing in yourself and helping others.  Twinkle, our fairy heroine, discovers that when she summons her inner strength she can persevere and do more than she ever thought possible despite any circumstance that comes her way. It seems like a message we could all use right now.

The phrase, "Light Your Wings!" is a call to action...what could we do right now to make the world kinder, more loving, and better for everyone? With this in mind, we're working on some fun activities and prize drawings that we hope will make your days together a little lighter and brighter.

Fairy On The Fly is not a business for us. It is a heartfelt hobby that we grew out of the desire to help share some inspiration and help our fairy friends make a little magic of their own.

Mrs. M & Stella

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